Christian Classical Education

Today, students need more than general knowledge. Petra Christian Academy is a traditional Christ-Centered Classical Christian School, teaching students wisdom, character, and hard work. Our mission is to enlighten young minds and to help them discover their God-given genius. We work hard to prepare each student for college, but more importantly, we strive to develop faithful Christians who know what they believe and why they believe it.

Mastery of Math with Mathnasium

In addition to our Singapore math curriculum, all Petra students attend the Mathnasium advanced math learning center three times per week. We here at Petra Christian Academy stand firmly behind the world-leading Singapore math approach, which is why Petra has become one of the first schools to ever partner with Mathnasium, a nationwide leading tutoring program. Mathnasium is a local math-only learning center that helps students eliminate gaps in math knowledge and presents math in a way that simply makes more sense to them. Our partnership allows our students to utilize proprietary teaching materials and techniques during school hours to deliver a customized learning plan designed to address each student's needs. This individualized approach produces mastery of math concepts, helping students develop confidence to face future challenges.

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