lassical Christian education is unique. It seeks to restore the most proven form of education ever developed faithfully. This training has produced the greatest thinkers, leaders, and scientist in the Western world from the time of the Greeks to the late 20th century, including America’s founding fathers. This legacy continues to produce leaders in every field.

Why is Classical Christian Education Effective?

First, it is based on what has been called the Trivium. No matter how your child learns, he or she goes through three phases in their natural development that is simulated in the Trivium. In grades K-6, students are excellent at memorizing. In grades 7-8, students become more argument-oriented. They are ready to be taught logic and critical thinking. In grades 9-12, students become independent thinkers and communicators mainly concerned with their appearance to others. To this end, classical education teaches them rhetoric, the art of speaking, communication, and writing.

Student Statistics

On average classical Christian school students score 25 percentile points higher than the average college-bound student in Idaho on college entrance exams. They typically exceed the number of National Merit scholars from local high schools that have 25 times the number of graduates. Students in K-8 test favorably when compared against the best dependent and preparatory schools in the nation. The graduates excel at some of the finest universities in the country including West Point, Notre Dame, Hillsdale College, and many of the best state universities.

However, the finest achievement is seen not in the test scores, but in the contributions, graduates make to those around them. Some are in the medical field: Others pursue law, science, engineering, or teaching. Most of the graduates possess the immeasurable qualities of character and perspective that result in wisdom. Visit our school and see the difference.

Petra Christian Academy Difference:

K-12 Christ-Centered Classical Christian Education.  Besides the core curriculum of Math, Science, English, History, Music, and Art, PCA equips students with additional skills.

  • Grade 3-12 : Latin Language Course

  • Grade K-12: Russian Language Course

  • 10-12 Greek Language Classes (Optional)

  • K-12 Bible Course

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