Petra Christian Academy offers quality education with comparatively low tuition fees.

We are a private, independent, non-profit ministry depending on contributions and tuition fees to fund our operations.  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.”  The uncommon, and often sacrificial commitment of our staff and supporters to the ideals of classical Christian education makes our low-cost structure and the exceptional quality of our program possible.  Our school serves families who want a challenging, Christian-based education in the classical tradition of excellence.

Unlike charter, public, or magnet schools, our students get no public money to offset tuition costs.

We are free to discuss all truth, regardless of its Christian or political nature. This is vitally important in a classical Christian school where truth is centered on Christ. We are also free from state ISAT testing and staff certification– functions that add bureaucracy to schools without adding quality. We recruit more engaging Christian teachers who contagiously love learning because of our independence.

This said private education is a financial commitment. Our stated goal is to remain affordable for families. We offer discounts for multiple children.

Year 2021-2022 Tuition 

New Family Enrollment Fee (one time)$295
New Student Registration Fee (one time)$65
Testing Fee (once a year)$49
Textbook and Workbook Fee K-9th grades (once a year)$195
Kindergarten$3,600/year ($360/10 months)
1st to 9th grades$4,600/year ($460/10 months)
Multiple Children Discount 10%, 30%, 60%, all remaining children $125

Pay your fees using any major credit card using the PayPal link below.

Family’s receiving financial aid discounts will pay for 12 months and must reapply every new school year.

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