Introduction Letter

Dear Parent,

We realize that you have many education choices, and classical Christian education might be new to you. Please review the enclosed materials, but most importantly, visit our school during operation. We think you will be inspired by an educational system with deep roots and a reputation for excellent academic results.

In considering private education, you have already demonstrated that education is important to your family. Children can do much at an early age if they have the proper encouragement and structure. As they grow, children change and we change with them. Classical Christian education is anchored in the Trivium which recognizes the developmental stages children go through.

Along with our academic strength, parents seek us out for a more important reason. Christian character development is central to our work at the school. We strive to be excellent in both academics and character. Whether we are teaching students how to greet visitors and shake hands or teaching the essentials of Christian honor, we take the time to develop the whole student. We encourage our students to take Christian worldview teaching to heart, not just learn it in their minds.

As you research your educational choices, we hope that you will find our organization helpful in offering an option that is both unique and effective. Our blend of classical content and Christian worldview teaching sets us apart. If you have further questions, feel free to inquire about our open houses, arrange a private tour of our school, or speak with us directly.


The Vision

Students today need more than knowledge.  Our students stand apart in the Christ-Centered wisdom, character, eloquence, and servant-leadership they take with them as they live.   We embrace the exceptional vision to form students of this caliber.  Our Christian mission is to transform student minds, not just inform them. We believe that school can prepare students for college and do the more important work of educating faithful Christians who know what they believe and why they believe it.

As a classical Christian school, we develop Christian leaders who possess the qualities of a deep and reasoned faith, a heart-felt moral compass, a strong command of language, appreciation of beauty, and who are well-read and well-rounded. These qualities, we believe, will help them transform the church, the community, and the world.

Board Members

  • Peter Babichenko
  • Ivan Rudyi
  • Inna Vyazhevic

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