Classical Christian Education uses techniques and content that promotes thinking and develops well-rounded graduates


Classical Christian schools provide the best possible education to help every child reach their God-given potential

I. Christ-Centered K–12 learning

As a Classical Christian School, we use the students God-given abilities at each stage of their natural development to help them learn. We spend time with our young students memorizing, singing, and performing rhymes, thus setting a strong foundation in each subject matter. Junior-high students are naturally curious, so we help expand their ability to reason and discern the truth. At the high-school level, students enjoy talking, so we help them develop their ideas and present them persuasively. This teaching methodology results in Christian graduates who know what they believe, why they believe it, and understand how they can positively impact their communities.

II. We use time-tested methods and content

Petra Christian Academy helps students develop skills that will help them become lifetime learners. We attempt to accomplish this ambitious goal by teaching students that every subject has a real-life application. Students use their knowledge acquired at school to go on a variety of school trips and attend lectures where they can exercise their newly acquired knowledge. This method of teaching and learning has been in use for hundreds of years to produce most of our great thinkers. We are helping rediscover effective education where prior students had a long history of proven success. Petra Christian graduates are well read, practice cursive writing, learn Latin and Russian languages, practice logic, and practice the world's most advanced Singapore math. Our students also receive a robust, real-life application Biblical education; learn science while also gaining a Christian perspective and the fine arts. We believe this method of teaching results in young man and women that are gracious, knowledgeable, and thoughtful.

III. Christ-centered curriculum

Petra Christian is a private school that teaches all our subjects based on the precept that God is the Creator of everything, and therefore all knowledge comes from Him and is interrelated. We apply Biblical standards of conduct across all areas of the school life, recognizing that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all. We believe that God has provided parents with a leading role in the education of their children and that we, as a school, support these parents in fulfilling their Godly mission. Our goal is to graduate students that will remain faithful to Christ through college and become ambassadors for Christ.

IV. Academically rigorous

We believe that students are capable of attaining much more than is commonly thought, and therefore we have high expectations for them. We teach students to learn to love the subjects that their teachers love and to follow the godly example of their instructors cheerfully. Students that receive a classical Christian education experience the personal fulfillment that is characteristic in grasping a difficult task.

V. Nurturing community

Petra Christian Academy is a tight-knit community of motivated parents and teachers who commit to teaching their children to love learning and growing to become more like Christ. Our small class sizes ensure that each teacher knows their students and can better serve them individually. Students know they are loved and are also taught to show love and respect to others. Our students are not just another face in a large crowd but are special, and each one of them is the bearer of the image of Christ.

VI. Why Choose Classical Christian Education

As a parent, it is your eternal responsibility to bring your children to Christ. Taking an active role in your child's education will help ensure that you, as a parent, will set your student on the path of success not only here on earth but for eternity. We at Petra Christian Academy encourage you to take the challenge and make the necessary financial investment in your child's Classical Christian Education.

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