Kids Books List - Recommended by Petra Christian Academy

A hand picked list of the best and most popular kids books for every grade level and a variety of genres.

Kids Books

It's been written that "Life is too short to read a bad book." Those students that do read books often find themselves reading within one or two genres. At Petra Christian Academy, we compiled a list of best-selling books within a variety of genres.

Good Books to Read

Parents often search for a list of good books to read for their children. We believe that good books are not necessarily the bestselling book, but they are considered great literature tested by generations of readers and make a real positive impact on the reader's life.

Our Method To Measure Best Christian Children's Books

1. We considered a large number of Christian children's books and books valuable to children that were considered as great literature by a large number of readers.
2. Christian Kids books that have been extensively reviewed by critics and has been recognized as great literature by experts.
3. A book that has made a positive and lasting impact on the lives of a large number of young readers.
We had assigned points on the scale of 0 to 5 for books that are considered great literature. Then we assigned another range from 0 to 5 for books that make the maximum impact on the reader's life. We summed up the points from the two measurements to get a book score.

Best Christian Books for Kids

Use the Petra Christian Academy to choose the Best children's books for your kids. The higher the number on the scale from 0-5, the higher our recommendation for the reviewed book. Choose from thousands of best-selling books for kids on our book list. Our recommended books will help your child become a well-rounded reader. The papers from our list also make it easy for parents to find an excellent bedtime storybook, according to your student's grade. With the Petra Christian Academy reading list, you can immerse your child in a world of reading great literature, and see the fantastic stories transform your child's imagination. If we are missing any great children's books, please email us with recommendations to [email protected].


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