Student Activities

For The Years 2022-2023

Students and parents check the calendar often to stay informed about all the exciting activities at Petra Christian Academy.

Start DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeEvent TitleEvent Text
8/30/20228/30/20228:30 AMFirst Day of School
9/2/20229/2/20228:30 AM3:00 PMDress Down Day
9/4/20229/4/20228:00 AM8:15 AMMrs. Vita’s B-Day
9/5/20229/5/20228:00 AM3:00 PMLabor Day-No School
9/15/20229/15/20228:30 AM3:00 PMSummer reading log Wahooz DayStudents with completed summer reading logs
will be able to attend a FREE Trip to Wahooz
for the day.
9/27/20229/27/20228:30 AM8:45 AMMrs. Mindy’s B-Day
9/27/20229/27/20222:15 PM3:00 PMSpecial SpeakerFrank Sherwin-Institute for Creation research out of Texas
9/29/20229/29/20229:00 AM9:15 AMSafety Drills
10/1/202210/1/20226:00 PM9:00 PMMovie Night Fun-Day
10/3/202210/3/20228:00 AM3:00 PMFall Break
10/4/202210/4/20228:00 AM3:00 PMFall Break
10/5/202210/5/20228:00 AM3:00 PMFall Break
10/6/202210/6/20228:00 AM3:00 PMFall Break
10/7/202210/7/20228:00 AM3:00 PMFall Break
10/13/202210/13/202210:00 AM12:30 PMCapitol Building TourStudents will need to bring a sack lunch
and we are eating it in the park (weather permitting)
10/21/202210/21/20228:30 AM3:00 PMParent Teacher Conference-No SchoolMake sure to sign up for times
Downstairs in the hall
10/25/202210/25/20228:50 AM9:00 AMSchool Picture Day
10/25/202210/25/20222:15 PM3:00 PMSpecial SpeakerJoel Willoughby-Brains and the Bible-out of Iowa
11/4/202211/4/20228:30 AM3:00 PMDress Down Day
11/4/202211/4/20229:00 AM9:15 AMSafety Drills
11/10/202211/10/20229:30 AM1:00 PMBirds of Prey field tripStudents will need to bring a sack lunch today
We will be returning to the school to eat our lunches
in the Gym.
11/21/202211/21/20228:00 AM3:00 PMThanksgiving Break
11/22/202211/22/20228:00 AM3:00 PMThanksgiving Break
11/23/202211/23/20228:00 AM3:00 PMThanksgiving Break
11/24/202211/24/20228:00 AM3:00 PMThanksgiving Break
11/25/202211/25/20228:00 AM3:00 PMThanksgiving Break
12/2/202212/2/20228:30 AM3:00 PMDress Down Day
12/3/202212/3/20226:00 PM9:00 PMMovie Night Fun-Day
12/19/202212/19/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/20/202212/20/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/21/202212/21/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/22/202212/22/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/23/202212/23/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/24/202212/24/2022Mrs. Lyubov B-Day
12/24/202212/24/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/24/202212/24/20228:30 AM8:45 AMMs. Lyubov’s B-Day
12/25/202212/25/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/26/202212/26/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/27/202212/27/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/28/202212/28/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/29/202212/29/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/30/202212/30/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
12/31/202212/31/20228:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
1/1/20231/1/20238:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
1/2/20231/2/20238:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
1/3/20231/3/20238:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
1/4/20231/4/20238:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
1/5/20231/5/20238:00 AM3:00 PMChristmas Break
1/6/20231/6/20238:30 AM3:00 PMDress Down Day
1/16/20231/16/20238:00 AM3:00 PMMartin Luther King Day-No School
1/24/20231/24/20232:15 PM3:00 PMSpecial SpeakerSam Andrews. From Buhl Idaho, speaker and apologist.
2/3/20232/3/20238:30 AM3:00 PMDress Down Day
2/9/20232/9/202310:00 AM1:30 PMDiscovery Center Field TripStudents will bring a sack lunch that we will eat back at the school.
The cost is $6.00 per student and $18 for adults
This is a dress-down day
2/16/20232/16/20239:00 AM9:15 AMSafety Drills
2/21/20232/21/20232:15 PM3:00 PMSpecial SpeakerScott Gillis with Creation Ministries out of California
2/23/20232/23/202311:00 AM1:00 PMMicron Tech Trip 7-9th GradeIncludes Micron site visits for students in 7th grade and above. An introduction to Micron and the high-tech industry, the types of careers available, and a plant tour.
3/3/20233/3/20238:30 AM3:00 PMDress Down Day
3/4/20233/4/2023Re-enrollment for the Calendar year 2023-2024 Deadline
3/10/20233/10/20238:00 AM3:00 PMBogus Basin Ski DayThis is an all-day event. Students who have maintained a B in all classes will be able to attend at no charge. Those students who did not maintain B’s can still attend: they will need to pay for their lift ticket and rental fees.
If your student is not attending, the ski trip-Classes will resume as normal.
3/11/20233/11/20236:00 PM9:00 PMMovie Night Fun-Day
3/17/20233/17/20238:00 AM3:30 PMParent-Teacher Conference – No SchoolSign-up sheets will be downstairs in the hall
3/20/20233/20/20238:00 AM3:00 PMSpring Break
3/21/20233/21/20238:00 AM3:00 PMSpring Break
3/22/20233/22/20238:00 AM3:00 PMSpring Break
3/23/20233/23/20238:00 AM3:00 PMSpring Break
3/24/20233/24/20238:00 AM3:00 PMSpring Break
3/28/20233/28/20232:15 PM3:00 PMSpecial SpeakerBrent Carter and Ms. Coyote Short. Ms. Coyote and Brent will talk on Biblical history of Southern Idaho and the influence of the Native Americans who lived in this region.
4/7/20234/7/20238:00 AM3:00 PMEaster Break
4/7/20234/7/20239:00 AM9:15 AMSafety Drills
4/8/20234/8/20238:00 AM3:00 PMEaster Break
4/9/20234/9/20238:00 AM3:00 PMEaster Break
4/10/20234/10/20238:00 AM3:00 PMEaster Break
4/25/20234/25/20232:15 PM3:00 PMSpecial SpeakerJohn Moody Speaker, Farmer. He has written five books, including: “The elderberry book,” “The War on Weeds,” and “The frugal Homesteader.”
5/5/20235/5/20238:30 AM3:00 PMDress Down Day
5/19/20235/19/202310:00 AM3:00 PMEnd of School BBQ – Hiking Day
5/24/20235/24/20238:00 AM3:30 PMSlavic Day
5/29/20235/29/2023Teacher Appreciation WeekKids bring gifts to teachers. Class parties
5/31/20235/31/20239:00 AM3:00 PMBruneau Sand Dunes field TripStudents will bring a sack lunch we will be eating at the Dunes.
This is a Dress Down Field Trip
6/2/20236/2/20238:30 AM3:00 PMLast day of school celebration
6/10/20236/10/20236:00 PM9:00 PMMovie Night Fun-Day


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