Why is Petra Christian Academy choosing to do online classes for the year 2020-2021?

Given the uncertainty of the worldwide pandemic and mixed signals from “experts” in the press that jeopardize the reopening of schools for the upcoming year, we are positioning our academy to deliver our rigorous Classical Christian curriculum effectively. Early planning allows teachers to be prepared to teach their live lessons online.

Are you accepting students outside your geographical area?

For the first time in five years, Petra Christian Academy will be offering live classes to students outside Boise, Idaho area. We are now accepting applications for students throughout the United States and the world.

We are not sure if our current school will reopen. Should we still apply to Petra Christian Academy, just in case?

Petra limits its class sizes to 15 students. Spots are filled to qualified students on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are unsure about your school reopening, contact your state officials, or you may consider enrolling your student at Petra since spots are limited.

If we enroll our students at Petra and our local school reopens, can we un-enroll them before school begins?

Petra hires teachers and plans out the school year based on our enrollment. If a family decides to pull out their child from Petra at any time after admission and before the end of the school year, the family will be responsible for tuition for the remainder of the school year.

What are the positives of live online classes for grade school and middle school students?


  • Parents say they enjoy seeing their young children learn at home.
  • Parents do not have to drop off and pick up students from the school.
  • Students are able to grasp the use of technology and software.
  • Students can interact live with teachers and fellow students.
  • Teachers can observe all the students on a single screen and quickly switch between each
    student if help is required.
  • Teachers with families enjoy being at home during the day, raising the level of teacher

What are the challenges of live online classes for grade school and middle school students?


  • Students may become distracted; thus, parent engagement, correct equipment such as a work desk, a stationary computer, headphones, and proper attire are recommended.
  • Parents might need to assist students with the use of technology and troubleshooting.

What equipment do students require for successful online learning?

  • Students need an up-to-date desktop or laptop computer with a built-in camera, preferably Intel Core i5 or above.
  • Anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, with a pop-up blocker.
  • Parental control and online filters such as TinyFilter, which blocks profanity and other dangerous websites.
  • A computer desk of the right size with drawer space and a comfortable computer chair.
  • Comfortable and good quality headphones with a microphone.

How rigorous is the curriculum at Petra?

Petra Christian Academy is a member of ACCS, and we use a rigorous curriculum that corresponds to the standards of the Association of Classical Christian Schools.  Our school hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a self-paced learning day where students can catch up on homework, projects, and daily reading.  Additionally, we teach Singapore Math, the Russian language, and Summit Ministries’ Bible courses.  To learn more about our curriculum, click here.

How much time are parents required to spend with their children?

Petra Christian Academy uses a rigorous curriculum, so we require diligent involvement of parents in their children’s education. Students should plan to spend one to two hours each day doing additional homework.

What type of students do we accept?

Petra Christian Academy is, as our name indicates, a Christian school. We require each student to take his or her Christian faith seriously. We also require our students to abide by strict discipline, have the willingness to work hard, and realize that quality education is not given but is achieved.

What type of families do we accept?


Families that are candidates for Petra Christian Academy live out their Christian faith daily. They must be members of a local church and attend services regularly. Parents must also understand the value of a good education and be ready to work with their students daily to help them succeed. Parents must also be prepared to provide guidance and discipline to their children and be the primary source for teaching Biblical Christian values.

We do not accept students who have had major disciplinary issues at a former school, those who drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs. We do not accept students who do not respect authority or their parents and who do not value education and do not want to be at Petra Christian Academy.

What Are Petra Students Saying?


Students like the live online format at Petra Christian Academy because it allows them to interact with their teachers and see their friends and classmates, and it allows them to continue to create a social bond. Students also enjoy the fact that they have easy access to their instructors at all times and can easily have their questions answered verbally or demonstrated on an online whiteboard.

Students also enjoy the challenge of setting up their learning environment at home, and the best part is that a snack is never too far away.

What are Petra Parents Saying?

Parents enjoy the live online format of Petra Christian Academy because they can spend more time with their children at home. Also, since classes are led live by instructors, students do not require the help of a parent to explain a challenging concept. Parents can focus on their daily tasks while their student is engaged in a rigorous curriculum, led by competent instructors.

What are Petra Teachers Saying?

Teachers enjoy the live online learning format because they save precious preparatory time by not having to drive to and from school. Teachers can effectively interact with all students on a single screen and see what each student is doing simultaneously. Teachers also enjoy the home environment because they can get some work done around the house during a one-hour lunch break.

Our goal for affordable education to family groups in churches

Petra Christian Academy is focused on providing quality Christian education at an affordable price. If your Church has several families who are planning to attend Petra, we encourage you to organize into a small group and work together to help achieve your financial goals. Your group should work with your local Church and businesses to find sponsors that value Christian education and are willing to provide financial assistance to families in need.

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