Dr. Martin Will Speak on the Intricacies of the Human Mouth

Petra Christian Academy was thrilled to host Dr. Jobe Martin, who spoke to our students about the complexities of the human mouth.

Dr. Martin spoke on the intricacies of the human mouth to which the theory of evolution has no credible explanation. From the maxillary and mandibular teeth that have to come in at precisely the right angles to match their partners and keep food moving the right direction in conjunction with the tongue and roof of the mouth, to the amazingly unique composition of the teeth and purpose of facial muscles and nerves—the mouth truly tells of the glory of the Lord!

Dr. Jobe Martin was initially an advocate of Darwinian Evolution. However, for the last twenty years, he has been involved in the issue of Divine Creation vs. Evolution. At Bucknell University, he was a Biology Major and later graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Dental School in 1966. While starting his dental practice, he started working at NASA. In 1971, Dr. Martin moved to Dallas, where he taught at Baylor College of Dentistry.

At Baylor College, a number of his students challenged him to find convincing proof that the Theory of Evolution was correct in its story of the origin of the earth and its organisms. While investigating the matter, he came across many discrepancies in the theory of evolution. He studied creatures such as the Bombardier Bettle that could not have survived gradual evolution over millions of years.

These findings caused Dr. Martin to question the Theory of Evolution and ultimately turn entirely from a staunch Darwinian supporter to a Creationist with his own belief in Christ. In 1982 he entered to study at the Dallas Theological Seminary, specializing in Systematic Theology. Dr. Martin has written a book called “The Evolution of a Creationist,” describing his change in worldviews.