School Calendar

Student activities

Year 2021-2022

Start DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeEvent TitleEvent Text
8/11/20218/11/20215:30 PM6:30 PMParent Summer Meeting
8/27/20218/27/2021Mrs. Ritas B-Day
8/31/20218/31/20218:50 AM4:00 PM1st Day of School 2021-2022
9/4/20219/4/2021Mrs. Vitas Birthday
9/6/20219/6/2021Labor Day – No School
9/7/20219/7/20218:50 AM9:15 AMSafety Drills
9/10/20219/10/20218:50 AM12:00 PMSchool Picture Day
9/17/20219/17/20218:50 AM4:00 PMSummer Bible Reading – Wahooz Fun DayStudents that had finished the summer Bible reading plan and submitted summaries of the material read will be going to Wahooz for the entire day.
9/21/20219/21/20213:20 PM4:00 PMFeatured Speaker: Chris AshcraftAmazing Animal Designs: God’s Technological Marvels
9/23/20219/23/202112:00 PM4:00 PM1st Trip – MK Nature
9/27/20219/27/2021Mrs. Mindy’s B-Day
10/4/202110/8/2021Fall Break/Teacher Work Week
10/12/202110/12/20218:50 AM9:40 AMOctober Assembly – ResponsibilitySeptember Assembly Responsibility
10/22/202110/22/20218:50 AM12:00 PMParent/Teacher Conference – No school
10/26/202110/26/20213:20 PM4:00 PMFeatured Speaker: Carl Kerby
11/4/202111/4/20218:50 AM9:15 AMSafety Drills
11/18/202111/18/202112:00 PM4:00 PMField Trip – Elderly Homes – The Discovery Center
11/22/202111/26/2021Thanksgiving Week
12/15/202112/15/2021End of 1st Semester -Testing Week
12/16/202112/16/202112:00 PM4:00 PMField Trip – Warhawk Air Museum
12/20/202101/04/2022Christmas Break
1/5/20221/5/2022End of 1st Semester/Beginning of 2nd Semester
1/7/20221/7/20228:50 AM4:00 PMSlavic Day – Fun Day
1/11/20221/11/20228:50 AM9:15 AMSafety Drills
1/17/20221/17/2022MLK Day – No School
1/26/20221/26/20223:20 PM4:00 PMFeatured Speaker: David Rives
2/3/20222/3/20221:00 PM2:00 PMTrip – PlanetariumThe planetarium program will encourage the students to participate. It will include a lesson on: 1. How to locate and identify 4-6 constellations and the visible planets in the sky this month.  2.  Possible other topics we will cover will include information about planets, motion, navigation.  3. Students may ask questions about any topic relating to planets and stars. planets, circumpolar motion, navigation, mythologies?
2/21/20222/21/2022Presidents Day – No School
3/4/20223/4/2022Re-enrollment for Calendar year 2020-2021 Deadline
3/21/20223/25/2022Spring Break
4/7/20224/7/20228:50 AM9:15 AMSafety Drills
4/14/20224/14/202212:00 PM4:00 PMField Trip – Elderly Home
4/15/20224/15/2022Easter Day – No School
4/15/20224/15/20228:50 AM12:00 PMParent/Teacher Conference – No School
4/18/20224/18/2022Easter Day – No School
4/21/20224/21/20228:50 AM8:00 PMField Trip – Bruneau Dunes
5/7/20225/7/2022Mrs. Olga’s B-Day
5/18/20225/18/20222nd Semester Final Exam Week
5/19/20225/19/202212:00 PM4:00 PMField Day Hike/Fun In The Sun
5/23/20225/23/2022Teacher Appreciation WeekKids bring gifts to teachers. Class parties
5/25/20225/25/202212:00 PM4:00 PMField Trip – Aquarium or Zoo Boise
5/26/20225/26/202212:00 PM4:00 PMField Trip – Aquarium or Zoo Boise
5/27/20225/27/202211:00 AM2:00 PMGraduation Ceremony/End of School
2/23/20232/23/202311:00 AM1:00 PMMicron Tech Trip 7-9th GradeIncludes Micron site visits for students in 7th grade and above. An introduction to Micron and the high tech industry, the types of careers available and a plant tour.  [email protected] Laurie B. Anderson STEM Education Programs Manager Micron Technology Foundation Office: 208.368.1513 Mobile: 208.921.8639