All the Small Poems and Fourteen More

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“All the Small Poems and Fourteen More” by Valerie Worth is a treasure trove of poetry that delicately captures the whispers of God’s creation in the seemingly ordinary elements of life. This collection invites children and teenagers to pause, reflect, and find joy in the small wonders around them, nurturing a sense of gratitude and a deeper appreciation for God’s intricate design in every aspect of the world. Each poem serves as a small prayer, encouraging young hearts to see the divine beauty in simplicity and to embrace a spirit of thankfulness for God’s endless gifts.

Valerie Worth’s eloquent and thoughtful verses in “All the Small Poems and Fourteen More” guide young readers on a spiritual journey of discovery, fostering an environment of mindfulness and reflection on the Creator’s love. The poems inspire a Christian perspective of wonder and appreciation, allowing children and teenagers to explore their faith and to see God’s hand in all things, big and small. This collection is a gentle reminder of the presence of divine love in everyday moments, and a call to celebrate the boundless joy found in the simplicity of God’s creation.

Book: All the Small Poems and Fourteen More