The Tale of Three Trees

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The Tale of Three Trees teaches a meaningful lesson about God’s plans through the story of three trees who dream of grand futures. Each tree wishes for something great, like being made into a majestic treasure chest or a mighty ship. But when the woodcutter fells them, they are each made into simple items like a feed trough and a fishing boat. The trees feel their dreams are lost, until they realize they’ve been made into the manger that held baby Jesus, the cross that carried Him, and a boat that bore His disciples.

This classic story reminds Christian children that God has purposed each of us for something, even if it’s not what we expect. Kids will learn that rather than worldly fame and riches, a life serving Christ humbly holds the most value and true meaning. The book encourages trusting God’s plan and knowing that He will use us in big and small ways to accomplish His will. With charming illustrations and a memorable message, The Tale of Three Trees helps instill in young believers essential Christian virtues like patience, hope, and faith.

Book: The Tale of Three Trees