Micron Technology Trip

Petra Christian Academy, 7-9th grade students, would like to express a special thank you to the Micron Technology Foundation and Laurie Anderson for hosting our student as part of Micron’s STEM Education initiative.  Petra Students were introduced to the high-tech world of the global leader in the semiconductor industry.

Students were introduced to the design and fabrication process of computer memory and how computer data storage works.  Additional topics that were covered included dynamic random-access memory and flash memory.  Students also got a tour of the Micron high tech facilities and observed the operations of many of Micron’s high-tech robotic machines.  This eye-opening experience has introduced Petra Christian Academy to real-life examples of the importance of math and science in the high tech world and potential future carriers in engineering.

Petra Christian Academy teaches Singapore Math, which is one of the most robust math programs in Boise, Idaho Christian privet schools.