Guest Speaker: Dan Kreft/February 25th

Is the Bible real Dan Kreft
Dan Kreft, the Seven Foot Apologist

The students of Petra Christian Academy want to send a special thank you to the “Seven Foot Apologist” Dan Kreft. What was the most surprising to our students was that Dan was really 7 feet tall and, at one time, played professional basketball, even against the NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal.
Why believe the Bible Dan Kreft
The students learned new and essential facts on how to defend their faith when asked why they believe the Bible. Some of the things Dan covered in the lecture were.
The Old and the New Testament is a reliable book because there have been more than Ten thousand original manuscripts found going back to the time of actual eyewitnesses.
More than 251 living witnesses at the time the earliest New Testament manuscripts are dated to.
People will not die for a lie when they know it is a lie. However, ten disciples died martyrs’ death for their testimony that they saw Jesus rise from the dead.
The students at Petra Christian Academy greatly enjoyed the speech from Dan Kreft. We were fortunate to have him speak and hope to have Dan come by for another speaking tour. Thank you, Dan.







Is the Bible real Dan Kreft


Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Time: 2:45 pm
Topic: “Why Should Anyone Believe in the Bible?”
Topic: “Why Should Anyone Believe in the Bible?”
If someone were to come up and ask you, is the Bible real? Why do you believe the Bible? Is the Bible true or just a book of fiction? What answer would you have? How do we know the Bible is true? Would your answer be based upon known facts or rely on your feelings? This presentation from Dan Kreft is partially adapted from Dr. Voddie Baucham’s speech titled “Why I Choose to Believe the Bible.” It has been further supported by material from Josh McDowell and Peter Stoner.
Dan will examine in detail the construction of the Bible, and how we can know that what we have today is really what the original authors wrote. We will consider what Dan calls “the jaw-dropping, eye-popping odds” and how the prophecies about the Messiah could all come true in one man. Dan will help equip the students with Biblical facts and help them defend their beliefs of why they believe in the Bible. All are welcome to join us free of charge for this fantastic speech at Petra Christian Academy.