PCA – Noah’s Ark Encounter & Creation Museum Trip

Students of Petra Christian Academy are working hard this year, planning, designing, and putting into action numerous fundraising activities to help raise money for the Noah’s Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum Trip. This journey will take our students from Boise, Idaho, to Kentucky, on March 22-28th, 2020. To help raise money for the trip, students are participating in fundraising activities such as Family Movie Nights, Fall Bake Sale, Christmas Bake Sale, and a Christmas Tree Sale.

There is no better way to bring the Bible to life for a student than to help them discover it for themselves. The students will learn about the scientific evidence behind the Genesis account of the creation story and Noah’s flood. Students will walk, see, hear, and live through these Biblical stories. This once in a lifetime trip will help students bring the Bible to life and experience God’s incredible power and majesty in an entirely new way.

You can play a role in helping the Bible come alive in the lives of young students by supporting our numerous fundraising projects or by donating funds toward the trip. Each student is required to raise $600 to help cover the cost of airfare, lodging, meals, and attraction tickets. To donate or participate in our fundraisers, give us a call or email [email protected].

If your student attends an alternative Christian school in the area and you would like your family to participate in the trip, please email us for more details.

Our Current Fundraiser:

Family Movie Night: Hachi – Fri Nov 1st