A Tree Is Nice

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In “A Tree is Nice” by Janice May Udry, readers are taken on a heartwarming journey that pays homage to the splendor and significance of trees in our lives. Through simple yet profound observations, the book underscores how trees, in their quiet majesty, mirror God’s abundant blessings and the beauty of His creation. As the scripture Psalm 1:3 says, “He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season,” the story reminds us of how trees stand tall, deeply rooted in the earth, offering shade, sustenance, and solace, much like the steadfast love and grace of God in our lives.

Udry’s lyrical prose encourages children and teenagers to pause and appreciate the everyday miracles of nature. By acknowledging the manifold gifts of trees – from their rustling leaves to their sturdy branches – the narrative nurtures a sense of gratitude and wonder towards God’s intricate designs. “A Tree is Nice” not only fosters an awareness of the environment but also instills Christian values of reverence, gratitude, and stewardship. It is a gentle reminder that in every leaf and bough, we can witness the handprints of the Creator, calling us to cherish and safeguard His splendid creation.

Book: A Tree Is Nice