Doctor De Soto

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Dive into the heartfelt story of “Doctor De Soto,” which showcases the Christian virtues of compassion, wisdom, and serving those in need. In this tale, Doctor De Soto, a kind-hearted mouse dentist, chooses to help a fox with a painful tooth, despite the potential dangers. Much like the Good Samaritan, Doctor De Soto and his wife extend grace and aid to someone who might not be trustworthy, teaching young readers about the importance of loving our neighbors and the power of mercy. Through trials and the challenges that come their way, they employ wisdom and faith, finding solutions that reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ.

To children and teenagers, “Doctor De Soto” offers a lesson on the balance of being wise as serpents and innocent as doves, as stated in Matthew 10:16. The story underscores the importance of serving others, even when it’s difficult, while also emphasizing the need for discernment. Readers are encouraged to reflect on their own acts of kindness and the ways they can show love to those around them, all while trusting in God’s guidance and protection. Experience a tale of courage, faith, and the Christ-like love that seeks to heal and help, no matter the odds.

Book: Doctor De Soto