The Big Snow

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In “The Big Snow” by Berta Hader, readers are welcomed into the magnificent canvas of nature as winter blankets the land with snow. Just as the Bible reminds us in Isaiah 1:18, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow,” the transformative power of the season covers the world, illustrating the transformative love and grace of the Lord. As animals big and small scurry to prepare for the colder days ahead, the story sheds light on the beauty of community, reliance, and the ever-present providence of God in caring for His creations.

Through Hader’s splendid illustrations and narrative, “The Big Snow” fosters a deep appreciation for the cycles of nature and God’s intricate design in every snowflake that falls from the heavens. It’s a gentle reminder for children and teenagers alike that just as animals find refuge during the snowfall, we too can find comfort and shelter in God’s loving embrace, regardless of life’s challenges. Every winter, as the world turns white, we are reminded of His promises and enduring love for all.

Book: The Big Snow