Are You My Mother?

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“Are You My Mother?” takes readers on a heartwarming expedition of a baby bird in search of its mother. This touching narrative symbolizes the soul’s yearning for its Creator, much like a child’s innate desire to connect with its parent. Throughout his quest, the little bird encounters various animals and objects, mirroring the Christian journey where souls seek the true Shepherd amidst a world of many voices. Each interaction the bird has is a gentle nod to the Biblical teaching that while we may search in many places, it’s in the embrace of our Heavenly Father that we truly find home.

The tender storyline beautifully encapsulates the essence of longing, love, and divine guidance. As children and teenagers immerse themselves in the bird’s journey, they are reminded of the omnipresence and undying love of God, who, much like the patient mother in the tale, is always waiting to embrace us. “Are You My Mother?” not only resonates with feelings of love and belonging but also underscores the Christian belief that in every quest, every question, God’s reassuring presence is a constant, guiding us back to His loving arms.

Book: Are You My Mother?