Put Me in the Zoo

For Fun
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“Put Me in the Zoo” by Robert Lopshire introduces readers to a unique creature with a special talent of changing the color and patterns of his spots. Desiring to be a part of the zoo and showcase his abilities, the creature embarks on a quest for acceptance. This heartfelt narrative parallels the Christian journey of self-discovery and the search for one’s unique role in God’s grand design. While the world might sometimes dictate where we ‘belong,’ it is through God’s guidance that we truly find our purpose and place.

Young readers and teenagers can easily resonate with the story’s theme of seeking belonging and affirmation. “Put Me in the Zoo” not only emphasizes the importance of recognizing our God-given talents but also encourages embracing them with joy and confidence. As the creature in the tale learns where he truly shines, young souls are reminded of the Christian teaching that we are all created with a special purpose, and it is through faith, acceptance, and divine guidance that we find our rightful place in the vast tapestry of life.

Book: Put Me in the Zoo Lopshire, Robert