May I Bring a Friend?

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“May I Bring a Friend?” by Beatrice de Regniers is a delightful Christian-inspired tale that celebrates the virtues of hospitality, inclusivity, and love. At its heart, the story unfolds the simple yet profound request of a young boy invited to the King and Queen’s palace, asking if he can bring along a friend. As the boy introduces a variety of unexpected guests, from giraffes to elephants, the royal couple’s embrace of each new friend embodies Christ’s teaching to love thy neighbor. Through its whimsical narrative, young readers and teenagers are reminded of the Christian principle that every individual, regardless of their differences, is deserving of love and acceptance.

Crafted with vibrant illustrations and a rhythmic prose that resonates with young hearts, “May I Bring a Friend?” is a testament to the boundless love of God, reflected in our acts of kindness and inclusion. For children and teenagers, the story serves as a gentle nudge towards embracing diversity, understanding that God’s love is universal. Beatrice de Regniers beautifully encapsulates the essence of welcoming all with open arms, just as Jesus did, making it a timeless read for families seeking to instill Christian values in their young ones.

Book: May I Bring a Friend?