Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

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Journey alongside Alexander, a spirited and curious mouse, in the enchanting tale of “Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse.” Amidst a world filled with toys and trinkets, Alexander finds himself drawn to a mechanical mouse named Willy. Much like the biblical tale of the Prodigal Son, Alexander yearns for the admiration and love that Willy receives, but he comes to understand that God’s unique design for each of us holds its own special purpose. Through prayer and reflection, Alexander begins to embrace his own worth and God-given identity, realizing that true value isn’t based on external appearances or worldly accolades.

This heartwarming story is a gentle reminder to children and teenagers that each one of us is beautifully crafted in the image of God. “Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse” encourages readers to appreciate the inherent worth in themselves and others. It emphasizes the teachings of Psalm 139:14, where we are reminded of the wonderful ways we are made. Dive into this tale of self-acceptance, faith, and the beauty of God’s wondrous creations, learning the importance of valuing one’s own uniqueness in His grand design.

Book: Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse