Norman the Doorman

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“Norman the Doorman” by Don Freeman opens the door to a heartwarming tale imbued with Christian values, inviting children and teenagers to explore themes of humility, creativity, and the joy found in serving others. Norman, a humble and imaginative mouse, serves as a diligent doorman at the Majestic Museum of Art. His story mirrors the biblical teaching that the greatest among us shall be servants, reflecting Jesus’ own life of service. Norman’s adventures and his creative spirit inspire young readers to find joy in every task and to see every opportunity as a canvas to express God’s gifts and love.

Don Freeman’s charming narrative and illustrations bring Norman’s world to life, capturing the essence of a simple yet impactful existence. “Norman the Doorman” encourages young hearts to embrace humility, to appreciate the beauty in serving others, and to recognize the masterpieces that can be created when we use our God-given talents for good. The tale is a beautiful reflection of how, through service and creativity, we can bring light to the world and glorify our Creator, revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary, much like Jesus did through His parables and life.

Book: Norman the Doorman