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“Dogger” by Shirley Hughes tells the heartwarming tale of a young boy named Dave and his deep attachment to his cherished toy, Dogger. When Dave loses Dogger, the entire community comes together in an attempt to help him retrieve his beloved toy. However, it’s the selfless act of his elder sister, Bella, that truly epitomizes the Christian values of sacrifice and love for one’s neighbor. Bella’s kindness echoes the teachings of Jesus, who taught us to love others as ourselves and to always be ready to give, especially to those closest to our hearts.

For children and teenagers, “Dogger” is more than just a story of lost and found. It’s a spiritual journey reflecting the essence of selflessness, compassion, and the true meaning of sacrifice. Through the heartfelt actions of Dave and Bella, young readers are gently introduced to Biblical teachings about love and the joy of giving without expecting in return. Just as Christ sacrificed for us, Bella’s gesture for her younger brother teaches the youth about the boundless depths of love and the importance of always being there for one another, guided by the eternal light of Christian love.

Book: Dogger