Hole Is to Dig

For Fun
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“Hole Is to Dig” is a delightful exploration of the world through a child’s eyes, drawing parallels to the Christian journey of seeking understanding and purpose. With simple yet profound explanations for everyday objects and concepts, the book serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty of viewing life with innocence and wonder, much like how Jesus emphasized the significance of childlike faith. Each definition, though whimsically portrayed, echoes the Bible’s teachings of appreciating the small wonders God has placed in our path and recognizing His grand design in every little detail.

For young readers and teenagers, “Hole Is to Dig” not only offers a fresh perspective on the world around them but also nurtures the seed of faith and the pursuit of divine wisdom. As they delve into the playful descriptions and illustrations, they’re subtly encouraged to see God’s hand in everything and approach life with joy, gratitude, and the ever-curious heart of a child. The book beckons its readers to embrace the Christian teaching that in simplicity and innocence, true wisdom is often found.

Book: Hole Is to Dig