Play With Me

For Fun
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Play With Me shares the simple but profound story of a young boy trying to find someone to play with on a beautiful day. As he asks in turn a horse, cow, pig, and hen to join him, they all turn him down, more interested in eating grass or taking a nap. Just as the boy becomes sad thinking he’ll have no one to play with, along comes a puppy ready for adventure. The two spend a delightful day frolicking in nature together.

This classic children’s book gently conveys the Christian message that friendship and belonging come from God. When we seek community with humility and openness, God provides companionship. The story shows young readers how reaching out with kindness, rather than self-pity, often leads to joy. With charming vintage illustrations and minimal text, Play With Me is an ideal book to teach Christian children about gratitude, friendship, and God’s provision in difficult times. Its timeless message and heartwarming conclusion make it a story children will treasure.

Book: Play With Me